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#linux #roklinuxa #bojowkalinux #manjaro #technologia Deweloperzy NVIDIA wydają pełne wsparcie dla NVIDIA PRIME wraz z nadchodzącym Xorgiem OUT OF BOX.
Dla Archa są już gotowe PKGBUILDs i (a)pacze.
Manjaro Dev Team współpracuje nad implementacją tego rozwiązania bezpośrednio z deweloperami NVIDII.
Po za tym sterowniki Wu Ha Q L w #windows10 są dziurawe i podatne na ataki xD


NVIDIA 435.17 Linux Beta Driver Adds Vulkan + OpenGL PRIME Render Offload
Written by Michael Larabel in NVIDIA on 13 August 2019 at 01:15 PM EDT. 17 Comments
NVIDIA -- NVIDIA this morning introduced their 435 Linux driver series currently in beta form with the release of the 435.17 Linux build. With this new driver comes finally the best PRIME/multi-GPU support they have presented to date.
The NVIDIA 435.17 driver has a new PRIME render offload implementation supported for Vulkan and OpenGL (with GLX). This PRIME offloading is about using one GPU for display but having the actual rendering be done on a secondary GPU, as is common with many of today's high-end notebooks that have Intel integrated graphics paired with a discrete NVIDIA GPU.
For the NVIDIA PRIME render offload support, they require some recent commits to the X.Org Server that sadly isn't in any released version but will be there for the eventual xorg-server 1.21 release. In the meantime, NVIDIA is providing an Ubuntu PPA with a patched X.Org Server build.
This offload support also requires some fiddling to the xorg.conf configuration and environment variables for activation, but after that should be much better PRIME support than the previous options.
The NVIDIA 435.17 Linux driver also has experimental support for run-time D3 power management for Turing notebook GPUs, a variety of bug fixes, support for changing the Digital Vibrance on Turing hardware, and drops non-GLVND OpenGL support.